Vizcaya VXOP Featured in Flaunt Magazine

Vizcaya VXOP Cask 21 Rum may be distilled and blended using traditional, time-honored methods, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a thoroughly modern tipple, as well. In fact, Vizcaya blends the best of Cuban tradition—premium sugar cane, expert distillation, aging in oak bourbon barrels that are redolent with warm, woodsy spice—into an alluringly complex, yet refreshingly modern rum.

Flaunt magazine, which features writing and photography that dances daringly on the cutting edge of fashion, recently acknowledged Vizcaya VXOP’s well-deserved place in the new pantheon of boutique spirits. Calling it “society’s finest” which holds in store for the sipping connoisseur notes of “nutmeg, cinnamon and surprise,” Flaunt also honored Vizcaya by featuring a photograph of the golden liquid cascading from aloft onto the tongue of a fetching young rum aficionada. It’s an enticing image, and one that is sure to lure a legion of new fans into the fold—but those in the know have long understood what makes Vizcaya such a gem of a rum: its complex and aromatic nose; its subtle hints of vanilla, currant, butterscotch, allspice and smoke; and the way it pairs perfectly with a fine cigar.

Make no mistake: we applaud the resurgent popularity of fine sipping rums and other quality spirits, and Vizcaya’s steadfast fans ought to open their arms to those who think rum is just for pirates and the vagabonds of yesteryear. It’s simple, really—enjoying a glass of Vizcaya VXOP, on its own merits or perhaps enhanced simply by a cube or two of ice, speaks for itself, and speaks volumes. Whether you learned of this pleasure long ago, or are just now discovering how lovely it is to sip from the amber warmth of Vizcaya, is irrelevant. To everyone who enjoys the ultimate sipping rum, we raise a glass.

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